New Panasonic SD2500 Breadmaker 550W - White.

New Panasonic SD2500 Breadmaker 550W - White.

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Change Your Daily Diet with the Panasonic Bread Bakery

Imagine waking up in the morning or arriving home on a weekend afternoon to the aroma of fresh bread baking in your kitchen.

Having healthy, additive-free and tasty homemade bread is no longer a luxury demanding messy, hard work or professional techniques. You can now enjoy it at home using your own healthy ingredients. And, better still, the Panasonic Bread Bakery does it all while you are asleep.

Change your daily diet, with the Panasonic Bread Bakery.

Why the Bread Bakery does it better

Panasonic’s bread bakery programmes maintain the stability of the baking process regardless of the surrounding temperature. The yeast that helps bread to rise is a living organism extremely sensitive to heat. Because of this, the temperature at which the dough is kneaded, and any temperature fluctuations while the dough is rising, will affect the quality of the finished bread. If the temperature of the dough is too low, the yeast activity will slow down and, if too high, the yeast will overwork (if too hot, the yeast will die). Controlling the temperature of the dough is the key to producing delicious bread.

The comprehensive bake programmes mean you can try rye, whole wheat, or even brioche. And you can vary the loaf size to medium, large or extra large. The choice is endless… it’s up to you!

All programmes come with timer facility aside from gluten free, for which a timer would not work. Normally, the yeast is covered by the flour and water is added on top but, because gluten-free flour is lighter and finer, it cannot act as a barrier to stop the water activating the yeast before mixing begins. Instead, the water is added first and the baking process begins straight away.

If you have special dietary needs, the Panasonic Breadmaker makes life much easier by giving you complete control over every ingredient in your bread. For example, you can bake gluten-free or high-fibre loaves. In addition, you can manage your family's diet by controlling the amount of salt and sugar that goes into every loaf--a huge advantage over shop-bought bread.

Jam & Compote Mode 


Bread Bakery Functions

In 1987, Panasonic developed the first bread-making machine and it is the technological know-how obtained from two decades of experience that go into these top-quality models. Bread Bakery is equipped with a variety of useful functions to suit the different needs of all home bakers, from the beginner to the experienced. The unique advanced baking programmes enable you to bake a variety of excellent breads are controlled by a microprocessor. In it are countless number of programmes that vary per mode according to the ambient temperature, controlling time and temperature of each process very delicately. This takes the difficult job of temperature control out of your hands.

Everyone has a favourite kind of bread. Some like it thick and crusty, others soft and delicate. Well, with the crust control feature on our breadmakers, you can keep everyone happy, by selecting how thick you'd like the crust to be before you even start baking. There are three different sizes to choose from when you're baking a loaf. So whether you just want something to dip in your soup or a full loaf for the whole family, you'll never have to bake too much or too little.

As well as a super rapid option for when you're baking in a hurry, our breadmakers also incorporate a delay timer, so you can make sure your favourite loaf is baked to perfection when you wake up in the morning--or just in time for dinner.

Panasonic breadmakers rise above the competition. With over ten different bread and dough modes and a time-saving super rapid option, our breadmakers are an ideal addition to any kitchen.


Speciality Mode

The Speciality Mode enables you to use various grains and flours like Spelt flour which cannot be made into a loaf easily on their own. The Rye Bread Program together with the mixing blade can create a range of tasty loaves using Rye and Spelt flours.

100% Gluten free

The 100% Gluten Free bread program allows you to bake gluten free loaves, using a wide range of gluten free bread mixes and flours. Giving you the convenience of having freshly baked bread that is tailored specific to your taste and needs.

Loaf size and darkness options

The Panasonic bread machine adapts to your life. Whether it’s a smaller loaf for yourself, or an XL loaf for your loved ones, making the ideal loaf couldn’t be simpler. It is even possible to determine how light or dark you would prefer your loaf, by simply selecting the desired browning level.

Jam and Compote mode

The Panasonic Breadmaker can not only bake, but using the Jam and Compote Mode you are spoilt for choice when creating your homemade jams at home. There are even 8 jam and 6 compote recipes available in the breadmaker operating instructions to help you along the way.

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